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The process to be considered for a musical performance at Pizza Den is as follows:

1. Check the calendar below for possible open event dates. Open dates will not have a blue dot in them.

They are on a first come first serve bases so consider more than one. Events are on Saturdays from 9pm - 12am.

2. Tell us what your expected compensation is. At this time we mostly pay the collected cover charge so the more you can self promote and draw people the more you will make.

3. Send us a YouTube or other promo video of you performing.

4. Send us a promo picture and a logo or picture you would like projected on the screen above the stage.

5. Tell us what equipment you will bring. We offer a 6000 watt 8 channel mixer with one wireless mic

and stage lighting.

6. How many people do you expect to draw.

7. Your Music must not be registered with BMI, ASCAP or any other agency.

8. All cover songs you wish to perform must be pre approved by Pizza Den LLC and must fall under 100% ASCAP music license. For instructions and to search the ASCAP database Click Here. We are under a limited license so we can not guarantee covers can be performed.

8. You must download read and sign the Performance Agreement. Performance Agreement Download

9. There is to be no blatant satanic or sac religious references or imagery. 

10. We have teamed up with Aberration Music! They will handle all booking inquires. 

11. Send all of the above info with contact to We respond back by

email so please check your email!


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